Technological Trailblazer

We reap the advantage by staying ahead of the game.

Riding on the advantage of the colossal gas pipe network and synergising it with the advanced Glass-In-Gas (GIG) and Glass-Along-Gas (GAG) European technology, Towngas Telecom has been able to provide customers with up to 100Gbps point-to-point fibre links and dedicated bandwidth services such as T3/DS3, STM-1, STM-64, GE and 10GE, as well as economic and efficient network communication services to reputable corporations, international network service providers, and professional clients.

Further inland in mainland China, Towngas Telecom has developed numerous telecommunications infrastructure projects to provide premium and environmentally friendly services to telecommunications operators and broadcast institutions in Liaoning, Shandong and Jiangsu. From previous success, we have also been able to develop a reliable mode of operation and extend it to all over the country.

With impeccable application of techniques, we have helped contribute to a more sustainable future by minimising environmental pollution derived from the roadwork required in the construction process.